Evesham Baptist Church

The current position

July 2021

During June 2021, Evesham Baptist Church completed the sale of a share of the land bequeathed to it in 2006. This provided approximately half the funding for the new Church and Community Centre which will be constructed on the remaining area.

The church has agreed to proceed with a modified design which fulfils all the key requirements but is within the budget now available – just under £3m.  Costs will not be finalised until the design has full approval and has been put out to competitive tender later in the year. Apart from the legacy, the largest single source of funds has been donations from members and friends of Evesham Baptist Church – local people – who have pledged £900,000.

We are continuing to apply to our local authorities and grant-making trusts to ensure that we can contend with any cost increases and then equip the buildings well for a large range of uses. We would welcome approaches from members of the public and businesses in the area who would like to partner with us in this long-term investment for the benefit of every aspect of life in Evesham.

We believe that Evesham Baptist Church is not just a building! We are a community of Christians seeking to follow Jesus Christ and obey His teaching to love our neighbours. He loved and served all with compassion, responding to needs and rejecting no-one, regardless of their response to Him. We want the new building to be a place of welcome in His name, a place to meet, a place to find good things and good friends, a place to find peace and safety. The plans show how we intend to do that:

  • a clear view into an open, airy gathering space and into the main auditorium/worship space;
  • a café area and supporting, well-equipped kitchen;
  • a large auditorium which will be used for worship but is equally suitable for concerts or conferences with seating for about 170;
  • a circular prayer room, generally available for private prayer or for small gatherings;
  • a flexible suite of rooms catering for meetings, craft activities, children’s and youth groups, games, conferences, meals and events,.  For 30 to 120 (for meals) or 180 (for conference seating).
  • Exterior soft play area for under 5’s, a quiet garden and outdoor informal gathering area.
  • The Changing Places facility provides the ultimate in disabled support with equipment for unaided use by disabled adults and children as well as a general shower facility.
  • Minister’s/Private consulting room and Administrative office

The whole facility is approximately 750 square metres, designed and constructed to public building standards. Audiovisual and WiFi connections will be standard throughout and energy installations will be to at least the latest design requirements. The surrounding area will be open and landscaped.

Most of the facilities will be for occasional or regular hire and we would welcome local groups to talk to us, even before they form, about what we might be able to do to assist.  We will be keen that the community see it as a place that is for them to use. As a self-funding charity we cannot offer the facilities without charge under normal circumstances but we are not looking to make profits from community-related activities. The more who use it the lower the costs will be so do contact us using the form below if you think your plans and hopes might benefit from ours.